This project focuses on the creation of an editorial piece that explores the testimony of women as a suffering entity during the repression of the dictatorship. It is divided into 6 chapters, each of them addressing one of the roles assigned to women at the time from the point of view of the violence exercised towards them. On the other hand, the importance of cultural dissemination is emphasized and innovative strategies are proposed to bring democratic memory closer to the younger generations.

︎︎︎ Woman discrimination
︎︎︎ Sexist violence
︎︎︎ Democratic memory
︎︎︎ Disclosure

You can see the case study below:

As explained above, a transversality is created that emphasizes the importance of dissemination as well as its democratization. That is why different contents and campaigns are developed, which are then displayed below.

IG Campaign - Quotes

IG Campaign - Book case (all made in Autodesk Maya - 3D software)

IG Campaign - Video Explainer

Offline Campaign

Spotify Podcast

Web (made in Adobe XDimension)

more info: @hermanaquesufre