The following projects have been carried out in a personal scope and are especially based on creative concepts, experimenting with shapes, colors, and typography. 

︎︎︎ Personal projects
︎︎︎ Creative
︎︎︎ Shapes

‘La Editorial’  is a fictional company that reinterprets the concept of selling school supplies, rejuvenating its editorial identity, aimed at various target audiences which are differentiated through color.

‘Mookids’ is a fictional dairy company whose packaging is sustainable and is aimed at a children's target audience. Mockups made in 3D (Autodesk Maya).

‘Ooma’ is a fictional Chinese tea brand, a sub-brand of 'Orballo'. It features an experiential structural packaging made of cardboard that experiments with form. Its main packaging is folded (without the use of adhesives) and when unfolded, it takes the shape of a flower (in homage to the tea flower). Inside, different types of tea are found.  Mockups made in 3D (Autodesk Maya).

‘Cata la Lata’ 2023.  Mockups made in 3D (Blender).